About us

About Alfaone

Founder & CEO

Alfaone Solutions was founded in 2020 by Hydery Shaka. Born in Uganda and spent most of his childhood between Uganda and Rwanda, until he migrated to Canada for better opportunities. He comes from a very creative, outspoken and, munificent bequest family (the descendants of Wakanda Warriors); that has advocated for uplifting struggling communities for generations. Every skill gained; it is worth sharing and that is where Alfaone Solutions comes in.


The idea behind Alfaone Solutions is to help communities, start-ups, small and medium businesses to thrive by sharing, training and providing them with access to latest, unique technological tools and to help solve the day-to-day business problems. Most businesses collapse at their infancy as a result of lacking a starting point, proper resources and solutions to maintain businesses or overall knowledge, especially in the technology sector. At Alfaone Solutions, our focus is to make sure that; we find the best solutions for our clients. We don't just think outside the box, we remove the box. We mainly focus on root cause including mental health, upbringing, and racial status challenges that most entrepreneurs face during the initial stages for most businesses and start-ups ideas. We have been through it, and it is important to make sure we share our experiences with others.


At Alfaone Solutions ; our goal is making sure that, no one is left behind. Most Cities across the globe; are developing at a high speed, and that means that the forces of supply and demand are also on the rise, but many businesses are still struggling to keep up the pace, which makes it harder and harder for communities, and small businesses to blossom. With access to advanced technological solutions and being communal focused, we would like to become the number one go to; for all types of business solutions.